Sat Short Goal Accomplish And Move On, to that big one.

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You Look Good In That

Protect the one you love, great gift, for Mothers Fathers and Grandparent, now they will know who is at there front door, making them feel more safe, day and night vision, on sale $100. shop now.

We're your electronics store,  computer, laptop, Phone, TV, Suveillance Camera, parts, and assessory, for all your need visit us, laptop screen replacement, virus remover, that what we is about, saving you money, this summer is going to be a hot one, and we have some hot saving for you, no more traveling outside  of Holmes County, we know how important your time is to you, if we don't have it, we will order it for you and call you when it arrive, shop Jorplace and save.

Moving In The Right Direction

Jordan's Place Recreational Center

New Music, Start Here, Its About The Family. Send Us Your Video, And We Will Put It Here


Jorplace & Jordanms Holmes County, Ms


Step out-side that circle, and you will find me there, (smile) Jorplace, I heard someone say, we are all black, and pride, and come in all color, and it keep us together, I heard soneone say, no king bow (bou), and that the sun in the sky is there god, and a little of it light, shine with-in you.